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Biography Essay-Martin Cooper (Cell Phone Inventor)/Motorola & AT&T

Posted by msanche3 on December 5, 2009


Dr. Martin Cooper was born on Dec. 26, 1928, in chicago Illinois; without this day perhaps we would not one of the greatest forms of technology known to man which is also widely known as the cellphone. But before Dr. Martin Cooper  was even close to inventing anything he studying at the Illinois institute of engineering during the 1950’s, where he received both his master’s & Bachelor’s degree in electronic engineering. Something that I found to be very interesting while doing research on Dr. Cooper was that he in fact was in the military; he served four years in the navy working on the destroyers and the submarines and later he began to work for Motorola. He first began as a telecommunications employee, working on portable products including hand radios made for the Chicago Police Department in 1967, and later he began working on Motorola’s Cellular Research project and developed the 3lb.prototype from his base in Washington. It was later that Dr. Martin Cooper decided to head for NY to promote his technology with At & t, where he decided to test his cellular device by calling his rival Dr. Joe Engel, the Research Director at AT&T Bell’s Lab on April 13, 1973. This for me was so long ago and I remember as a younger child/teen not even hearing about cell phones up until I want to say the sixth-seventh grade; it was amazing to me back then when my mother first got one but i’m even more amazed each day with how great and extensive the use of a cellphone has become. For this Dr. Cooper should have known that he would become very well recognized/appreciated and with this new found technology though very bulky at the time came a new path towards how to better a cellphone to make it lighter, and as advance as it has become today!



Motorola was created when two young men (Paul Galvan & Edward Stewart) found the first storage battery sometime in the early 1920’s, from there they became known for making car radio receivers (entertainment use) for those who drove cars sometime in the 1930’s, this helped Motorola extend their radio receivers products by creating the police cruiser radio receiver in 1936. Although this company had spread in product variety from radio car receivers to tv’s, car telephones; none of those products made the biggest impact like the first cellular system which was then followed by the creation of the cellphone (by Dr. Martin Cooper) throughout the early 1970’s. It seems as though a lot has changed from the first cellphone product they put out, cellphone’s have become over the years less bulky and built with much more capabilities than before. One of the people who had an extreme impact on the first cellphone was Dr. Martin Cooper, it was because he had worked with Motorola that Motorola had the advantage of becoming famous for the first cellphone and the majority of the ones which were sold to consumers much later on. I’m very appreciative of the cellphone and i’m sure many others are especially now that they are built with so many different capabilities such as email sync, where you can receive all your emails straight to your handheld device, there’s also text messaging which allows us to txt something really quick instead of having to call someone and talk to them just to get a message across, there are also numerous amounts of applications and social networking apps that help us stay connected with friends & family; for me my cellphone is not only my up most favorite gadget but sort of my own personal assistant and i’m happy that Motorola & Dr. Cooper have helped create such a device.





At&t was founded back in 1875, by Alexander Graham Bell, who created the first telephone. Later on At&t became the parent company of Bell System (an american monopoly). A couple years later it spilt up into eight different companies by agreement of both AT&T and the U.S. Department of Justice. In 1996 was when At&t became involved in telecommunications services. In today’s world At&t is one of the biggest networking systems which have now concentrated on  delivering IP-based solutions to enterprise and government consumers; At&t also provides consumers as well as business an option to voice over IP services. At&t now offers all forms of use for their products be it wireless and/or landlines and are even now promoting services for tv & internet as well as a part of the new at&t. At&t has many different competition but their main competitor for their wireless services is verizon wireless. At&t made a huge impact with the first cellphone  services along with Motorola & Dr. Martin Cooper; it’s amazing how many different cell phone companies are out there today but it’s even more amazing to realize how the use of cell phones & it’s services all began. 






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